terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

actualizar o mal

We may be moved by the joys and sorrows of a character known to be fictitious; but we do not really believe it is bad that evils occur in a nonactual possible world, or good that joys occur in a nonactual possible world, though of course it would be bad and good, respectively, for them to be actual. I think that our very strong disapproval of the deliberate actualizing of evils similarly reflects a belief in the absolutely, and not just relatively, special status of the actual as such. Indeed, if we ask, 'What is wrong with actualizing evils, since they will occur in some other possible world anyway if they don't occur in this one?', I doubt that the indexical theory can provide an answer which will be completely satisfying ethically.
Robert M. Adams
«Theories of Actuality»